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Ecologically, Economic since 29 years

During 29 years, Ezinç's first aim is to benefit from solar energy and using it to provide healthy hot water for everbody all over the world. Ezinç is using most economic and efficient technologies to produce systems for solar hot water production. As Ezinç is always conscious about ecology, always uses environmentally-friendly material for production.

Civil and industrial development, increment on consumption of petroleum based fuels, destroying forests, etc. are increasing carbon amount in the air, day by day. Concentration of carbon causes global warming which makes observed changes on climate. With Ezinç solar thermal products; emmission of CO and other harmful gases can be decreased, energy costs can be reduced. So, future will be better with Ezinç solar products for protecting ecological balance.

Not only for protecting environment, using solar thermal energy, you can minimize your energy consumption to heat up your water. An average house can save 100% of their energy cost for hot water production. If solar energy used to support heating systems, savings could be even greater.

Together with our collaborators and close relation with universities, test laboratories, governmental organization we create system solutions based on future technologies.  

Every Ezinç product is coming with company warranty, experience and international approval  You can relax and enjoy hot water from the sun with Ezinç.

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