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·    Mr. Nurullah Ezinç started manufacturing Solar Thermal Systems in Kayseri.



·    EZINÇ A.S. was established in Kayseri.



·     Ezinç production in Turkey was the first aluminum finned tube. 



·      EZINÇ A.S. / established in Antalya, Turkey.



·       Production line have been expanded and production capacity of aluminium profiles was increased




·       EZINÇ started to sell its products to export markets and became the first company, who exports solar collectors from Turkey.



·       EZINÇ had TÜV certificate, this was the first time a manufacturer had TÜV ceritificate for solar collectors in Turkey.



·       EZINÇ is the first solar collector manufacturer, certified according to the ISO quality certification system in Turkey.


·       EZINÇ, supported construction of the first scientific solar house in the campus of Erciyes University.





·      EZINÇ was the first company, who was producing Full-Plate absorbers in Turkey.


·      Stainless steel solar tank production started.




·       Enamel tank production started.

·       Northern Region Office and Warehouse opened in Samsun, Turkey.




·       First in Turkey copper tube with aluminum plate, which has been producing by a mechanical clamping method started production of XAA, XBA and XBB type absorbers



         Ultrasonic welding method started to use.




·       “DECOLINE” aluminium radiators and towel warmers production started.


·        Electronic solar controllers production started with “SOLARIST” brand.




·        EZINÇ, enamel  boyler and tanks certified CE marked. 


        ·        Exports reached to 55 countries worldwide.




·        EZINÇ, American SRCC and FSEC certifications became the first Turkish company.
·        EZINÇ is 5th biggest solar collector manufacturer in the world.



                EZINÇ Products began to be used in 80 countries.
                Ezinç,as Turkey's first portable solar energy system NANOSOL realized production.
        EZINÇ is the first solar thermal equipments manufacturer in Turkey, awarded by  American Energy Star labelling.Also, the only company in the world of solar energy products has been certified in accordance with ENERGY STAR
·       EZGESEM (Ezinç Education and Training Center) started training programmes.
        Ezinç,  Raised to eight the number of collector Solar KEYMARK certificate
        New aluminum extrusion facility began production.
·       EZINÇ developped our first solar powered car. The car passed the Bosphorus   Bridge in Istanbul.
·       EZINÇ installed the biggest photovoltaic illumination project of Turkey on Akdamar  Island located in Lake Van. 
        Began the production of chrome-nickel storage for vacuum tube systems.
       Aluminum anodizing facility put into service.


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